The Smart Remote, Lutron Innovative Control Device

The Smart Lighting Selection from Lutron Grows

The Pico Paddle Remote, priced affordably at $19.99, is the latest addition to the Caséta smart lighting line from renowned smart lighting solutions maker Lutron. This wireless remote’s standout feature is its minimalist design, which is reminiscent of a standard wall-mounted light switch. Underneath its modest design, however, is the ability to command a wide range of electronic gadgets, such as Caséta switches, Lutron Serena smart blinds, connected fans, Sonos speakers, and more.

Caséta Is Your Reliable Smart-Switch Partner

The Caséta product series from Lutron is widely recognise as one of the best DIY options for smart switches meant to control standard LED lights. It stands out because to advanced features like Lutron’s Clear Connect RF technology and its ability to work seamlessly with popular services like Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings. Since Caséta switches don’t require a neutral wire, they may be install in a wider variety of dwellings.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Caséta brand is aim at a more affluent clientele, with costs beginning at roughly $60 for a simple on/off switch. In addition, a unique bridge is required for complete lighting control in the home. Caséta switches were originally designed with a futuristic aesthetic in mind, complete with iconography and a plethora of buttons.

Lutron Consisting of a Familiar Layout with Added Intelligence

The Smart Remote, Lutron Innovative Control Device

With the launch of the Pico Paddle Remote, Lutron has realised its long-term goal of providing a smart switch that does not seem out of place in a conventional setting. During a pre-launch briefing, Adam Mack, Product Manager of Caséta Wireless, emphasised the move towards a more subtle design language.

An improved version of the original Pico wireless remote, the Pico Paddle Remote is now available. It’s possible to use it as an independent remote, but its primary purpose is to decorate walls with a classic vibe using a regular switch wall box. To easily set up three-way lighting combinations, this flexible gadget acts as a supplementary control point for all Lutron Caséta switches in a given space.

Specifications and Costs

The Pico Paddle Remote has a long battery life of up to ten years and can control up to ten devices without the need for a network or Wi-Fi. All Caséta switches and associated accessories, such as wall mounts, work flawlessly with it.

With a Caséta dimmer switch and a tap of the Pico Paddle Remote, the lights will come on at the brightness setting you’ve chosen. This is a significant upgrade over the older Pico model, which required two taps to achieve half-brightness. Even if the original Pico model is still for sale, it’s worth noting that the Pico Paddle Remote doesn’t support micro-dimming.

The Pico Paddle Remote, sold alone, costs a reasonable $19.95, while the unit sold along with a wall mount and wall plate costs $24.95. Lutron provides packages that contain the remote, wall mount, and either a Diva smart dimmer ($79.95) or Clara smart switch ($69.95) for customers looking for a complete smart lighting solution. At the moment, you can find these items at big shops like Best Buy, Lowe’s, and The Home Depot; Amazon will likely carry them soon.

Lutron: Plan for Implementing the Matter Protocol

If we shift our focus to Lutron, we find that the Connectivity Standards Alliance member has not made a final decision on whether or not to implement the Matter protocol. Despite Matter’s current popularity and the backing of major tech companies like Samsung and Amazon, Lutron is taking a wait-and-see approach. While much has changed at Matter in the past few months, our commitment to ensuring its efficacy for the sake of our customers remains unchanged, as Adam Mack explains: “Our stance is the same.” Therefore, we cannot say whether or not we will provide help, or by when.

Lutron is under increasing pressure to make a strategic choice within the rapidly developing field of smart home technologies, with Samsung and Amazon fully adopting Matter and competitors such as Leviton and Philips Hue actively engaging.

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