Xiaomi Releases Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro and Smart Band 8

Xiaomi has launch two new wearables, the Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro and Smart Band 8, alongside the introduction of the Xiaomi 13T smartphone. Both devices come with attractive price points and a range of features.

Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro

Xiaomi debuts its usage of Google’s Wear OS with the Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro, which opens up possibilities for users to install various apps available on the Play Store, complement by native features.

One notable integration is Google Maps, allowing the Watch 2 Pro to serve as a navigation aid independently. Equipp with dual-band GNSS technology, L1 and L5, the Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro delivers high-precision navigation suitable for both everyday use and sports activities.

Another intriguing feature is the Watch 2 Pro’s capability to function as a remote camera control, enabling users to capture and preview photos directly on their smartphones via the watch’s display.

In terms of health monitoring, the Watch 2 Pro offers a range of features, including sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level measurement, and Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation. Furthermore, it supports over 150 sports modes, including various professional modes like outdoor running, hiking, and more.

Powering this smartwatch is the Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1, a processor that makes its debut in Indonesia. This dual-core processor utilizes 4nm architecture, ensuring efficient power consumption while maintaining high performance levels.

Watch 2 Pro is available in two color options: a silver case with a leather strap and a black case with a black fluororubber strap, ideal for sports activities.

Xiaomi Smart Band 8

Smart Band 8 introduces the eighth iteration of its immensely popular Smart Band series. Xiaomi offers various accessories for the Smart Band, including chain straps, braid straps, and a necklace-style option.

One particularly intriguing accessory is the Running Clip, which allows users to attach the Smart Band 8 to their shoes, providing accurate data such as step count, foot pressure, and cadence in Pebble mode.

The Xiaomi Smart Band 8 features a 60 Hz AMOLED display with auto-brightness, ensuring readability in various lighting conditions. It boasts over 150 sports modes, health tracking capabilities, and long-lasting battery life.

Smart Band 8 is available in two color variants: Gold with a white strap and Graphite Black with a black strap.

Xiaomi has also tease the release of its first Google TV product through the Xiaomi TV A Series, with the official announcement expect on their official social media accounts.


Xiaomi’s latest wearable offerings, the Watch 2 Pro and Smart Band 8, bring a range of features and innovations to cater to the diverse needs of users. The Watch 2 Pro’s integration with Google’s Wear OS expands its functionality by allowing users to access a wide array of apps. Additionally, its health and fitness tracking capabilities make it a comprehensive smartwatch.

The Smart Band 8 continues Xiaomi’s tradition of offering feature-packed fitness trackers. With its AMOLED display, extensive sports modes, and accessories like the Running Clip, it’s a versatile fitness companion.

As Xiaomi continues to innovate in the wearable tech space, users can expect more exciting products on the horizon, including their venture into Google TV with the Xiaomi TV A Series.

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